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LWB-16M/64 Optical Wiring System
LWB Commentary & Communication System - Introduction


The LWB Commentary & Communication System adds Commentary and Communication Matrix functions to the Otari Lightwinder Boradcasing (LWB) system by installing dedicated modules in the LWB-16M/LWB-64 unit and connecting control boxes (commentary box = cough box, etc.) to the modules.

This system has been developed to implement commentary and communication functions into the LWB system that connects between a broadcast booth and an OB van. With this addition, the LWB units used so far to gather audio and video signals from the field to the OB van can now transmit voices of an announcer, guests, and commentators in the broadcast booth to the OB van.

  • Box’s channels and audio modules’ channels can be connected each other
  • Users can make their optimal sized system flexibly from a small system using only one LWB unit to a medium to large system by connecting multiple LWB units via optical cables
  • Microphone channel parameters (gain, etc.) can be controlled remotely
  • The commentary and communication line can be redundant by connecting boxes in a loop configuration (note that each box must have its own battery pack).
  • Parameters set to each channel of the commentary boxes are restored after restart. Hot plugging of boxes is possible
  • Audio I/O channels can be increased by connecting an Audio Box to the COMM. module