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CM-20JDP Jacket & Disc Inserter
Features | Specifications
Otari CM-20JDP is an automated title sheet (jacket/cover) and disc inserting machine for jewel cases.
While more and more small lot multikind production is required, the CM-20JDP automates packaging process which has relaid on manual work and reduces production cost drastically.
High reliability, space-saving compact design, and reasonable work efficiency will surely help your business grow.
  • Compact Design: Designed for small footprint (1,120 x 973 mm), this fully automated machine can be installed even in a limited space. Since it is a desktop unit its installation is easy.
  • Easy Operation: The CM-20JDP supports jewel cases and can work with various case thicknesses from 5 mm to 12 mm without adjustment (simple adjustment is required for discs having different center positions). Just pressing the START button after setting cases, discs, and title sheets in place starts operation. Anyone can handle this process.
  • Cost Effectiveness and High Productivity: If the case thickness is 5 mm, up to 100 super slim cases can be set on the supply magazine. The CM-20JDP can product 20 cases per minute when in continuous operation mode.