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T-1307 LTO Ultrium ServoWriter
Features | Specifications
Manufacture to order (Photo: 1st generation Otari standard servowriter)
The Ultrium servowriter may require purchase of a license under the LTO program.
Otari's T-1307 is the tape formatting machine that writes servo track signal fully compatible with LTO's (Linear Tape Open) ULTRIUM format on magnetic tape wound on an NAB standard hub as a pancake.
Otari has been collaborating with Hewlett-Packard Company. Otari's expertise in tape handling and tape certification, combined with HP's detailed understanding of the LTO format and its servowriting requirements, together have resulted in the high-precision and reliable servowriter that ULTRIUM cartridge makers need. Otari will provide ULTRIUM cartridge loaders and tape evaluator as well as the Servowriter as a part of the system of this cartridge.
  • FRU (Field Replaceable Unit): Plug-in write head design for ease of field replacement
  • Built-in pattern generator
  • Verify head for detection of drop-outs or failure of writing the servo pattern on servo tracks
  • Take-up pack arm system for flat winding surface
  • Data I/O port available
  • Tape cleaner
Visit http://www.lto-technology.comfor details of this format.