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Magnetic Heads

Otari’s Magnetic Heads
Otari’s audio and industrial products are highly esteemed by many professionals around the world. One of the reasons for such a high reputation is due to the magnetic heads manufactured by Otari itself.
From the early days of tape recorders, Otari has recognized the importance of in-house development and manufacture of magnetic heads as a pioneer in high-speed magnetic recording/duplication machines and has continued its research in the related fields.
The established technology and know-how gained through development and manufacturing of its products have been carried forward to today’s Otari by the hands of many skilled workers, technicians and engineers. Now all of the resources of Otari’s magnetic head research/development and manufacturing are housed in its Matsumoto factory as the Magnetic Head Dept.
The activities of the Magnetic Head Dept. are not limited to Otari. For example, by special request, Otari has also manufactured replacements for magnetic tape heads no longer available from their original suppliers. Otari’s technology and experience can provide solutions to various requests regarding magnetic heads.
The next page introduces the Otari Magnetic Head Dept. and provides contact information for custom magnetic head products or custom magnetic head related products.
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Magnetic heads made by Otari
Examples of Magnetic Tape Heads Manufactured in Otari’s Matsumoto Factory
1. 1/2" 8-ch Record Metal Head (for MX-5050mkIII)
2. 1/2" 8-ch Playback Metal Head (for MX-5050mkIII)
3. 1/2" 4-ch Record Metal Head (for MTR-15H)
4. 1/2" 2-ch Playback Metal Head (for MTR-15H)
5. 1" 16-ch Record Metal Head (for MX-70)
6. 1" 16-ch Playback Metal Head (for MX-70)
7. 2" 24-ch Record Metal Head (for MTR-90)
8. 2" 24-ch Playback Metal Head (for MTR-90)
9,10. 1/2" 28-ch Staggered Ferrite Read Head (for data storage tape evaluator)
11. 1/8" 4-trk 2-ch Record Polycrystal Ferrite Head (for DP-75)
12. 1/8" 4-trk 2-ch Record Monocrystalline Ferrite Head (for DP-205)
13. 1/4" 2-ch Record Metal Head (for MX-55)
14. 1/4" 2-ch Playback Metal Head (for MX-55)
15. 1/4" 2-ch Record Metal Head (for MTR-15)
16. 1/4" 2-ch Record Metal Head (for MTR-15)
18. 1/8" 4-trk 4-ch Playback Head (for special application)
19. 1/8" 4-ch Record Polycrystal Ferrite Head (for DP-8)
20. 1/8" 4-ch Playback Polycrystal Ferrite Head (for DP-8)
21. 1/8" 4-ch Record Polycrystal Ferrite Head (for DP-4050)
22. 1/8" 4-ch Playback Polycrystal Ferrite Head (for DP-4050)