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CM-20DI Disc Inserter
Features| Specifications
The Otari CM-20DI DVD Disc Inserter automates the disc insertion process and, by combining it with other CM-20 series machines, it can contribute to further labor-saving and cost cutting in the DVD packaging process.
  • Automated Disc Supply: The Otari CM-20DI is designed to automate the disc insertion process of DVD packaging. It automatically inserts discs into DVD cases supplied on a belt conveyor from the upstream process. Mechanisms are covered with transparent panels for safety and easy visual monitoring.
  • Slim Case Supported: The CM-20DI included, all of the CM-20 series machines support slim cases. When switching between the regular and slim cases, no change or adjustment to the setting is required on the CM-20DI.
  • Easy Operation: The CM-20DI has only three controls: START, STOP and DISC SET buttons. This simple and easy operation eliminates chances of misoperation and shortens learning time when introducing the machine.
  • 200-disc Stack: The disc supply section adopts a turntable mechanism that can stack 100 discs on one side without spindles. Including the reserve 100- disc stack on another side of the turntable, up to 200 discs can be set on the machine simultaneously. Switching to the reserve stack is of course automatic and operators can safely refill discs without stopping the operation.
CM-20CF, CM-20TI and CM-20DI in operation: Windows Media Video file(.wmv, 1.1 MB)
* Requires Micrsoft Windows Media Player.