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LWB-16M/64 Optical Wiring System
CB-195 Lightwinder CWDM UNIT

The Otari CB-195 Lightwinder CWDM UNIT is a wavelength multiplexing expansion unit connected to the LWB-16M/64 via optical patch cables.

Main Features

  • One LWB system can transmit 8 video signals or 6 video signals + Ethernet.
  • The unit depth is the same as that of the LWB-16M. The CB-195 contains cooling fans and can be placed on the LWB-16M.
  • Since it is configured as a 2 x four-wavelength multiplexing unit, there is no need to prepare different eight-wave modules.
  • Status of the power supply (redundant), input signals, and fans (alarm) can be confirmed by the LED indicators.

External View and Connectable I/O Modules

Front I/O Type for LWB-16M

NOTE: The AC inlet is located on the right side of the unit.

Front I/O Type for LWB-64


  • Power consumption: max. 30 W
  • Dimensions: 1RU, 424W x 165D x 44H mm
  • Used wavelengths: 1,511, 1,531, 1,551, 1,571 nm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Connection Examples

1. Transmission of 8 x HD-SDI between LWB in OB van and LWB in the field

2. Transmission of 3 x HD-SDI, 1 x Analog Video, Serial (bi-directional), and 1 x Ethernet between LWB in OB van and LWB in the field

3. Transmission of various signals between LWB in OB van and two LWBs in the field