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LWB-16M/64 Optical Wiring System
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Main Features - 2: Audio Signal Transmission
  • 256 Channels: By connecting multiple LWB units together, the system can transfer a maximum of 256-channel audio signals.
  • Local/Remote Control: The microphone amplifier parameters (gain adjustment, pad on/off, limiter on/off, phantom power on/off) and turning on/off of the sample rate converter in the AES3 input can be controlled on a local module and also remotely from the module to which the local module is routed.
  • Level Indication and Headphone Monitoring: The signal level of each audio channel can be checked with the 3-color LED LEVEL indicator on the module front panel and you can monitor the sound mix of up to 16 channels by pressing the channel select switches.

Local Control and Remote Control: Parameters such as gain of a microphone input channel can be set or changed by selecting the channel directly on its (mic channel) module (or the unit that contains that module). It is called “Local Control”. On the other hand, the microphone input channel settings can also be changed by selecting an output channel to which the microphone input channel is routed. This is called “Remote Control”. For example, by selecting an output channel on the LWB unit in the broadcast booth, you can adjust the gain of the microphone input channel routed to this output channel within the booth and you do not have to go to the field where the microphone channel is actually deployed.