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LWB-16M/64 Optical Wiring System
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Main Features - 6: Customizing

In addition to selectable I/O module configurations, the LWB series can realize unique requirements.

  • Optical Fiber Cable Receptacles: The LWB units usually use LEMO or TAJIMI type hybrid fiber-optic camera cable receptacles for unit connection. However, SC or ST type connectors can be selected as a special order. In addition, you can also select Neutrik OpticalCon.
    NOTE) With optical fiber cables other than hybrid fiber-optic camera cables, AC power transmission is no longer available.
  • Male/Female XLR Connector Selection: When ordering, you can specify male or female XLR connectors (receptacles).
  • Video Cable Protector: Protective cover for video cable/patch cord.
  • Voltmeter for AC Power Transmission: When hybrid optical camera cables are used to connect the LWB units, AC power can be transmitted using the conductors in the camera cable. To monitor the transmitted AC power voltage, you can add an AC voltmeter to the rear panel (LWB-64) or side panel (LWB-16M) as a special order.
  • AC Power Outlet: You can add an AC outlet to the rear panel (LWB-64) or side panel (LWB-16M) as a special order.
  • Other Special Customizing: We may be able to answer your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us!