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LWB-16M/64 Optical Wiring System
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LwcV2 - Screens 4: Optic & Temp. Tab, Topology Tab


In the Optic & Temp. tab, you can see the status of optical transmission between the LWB units. This tab shows the optical transmission power and temperature of the optical transceivers at the UP and DOWN sides for each LWB unit. Like the OPTICAL UP and DOWN indicators on the LWB unit, the optical receiving power of the upstream and downstream transceivers is shown with three colors (green/orange/red). If there is a transceiver whose power is low, showing the Topology tab may help troubleshooting.

The Topology tab indicates how the LWB units are actually connected with fiber optic camera cables. The direction of the arrow lines is always UP to DOWN. To reflect the actual system layout, the poisition of each unit in the tab can be arranged by dragging it.