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LWB-16M/64 Optical Wiring System
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Application Example 5 - Installation in Concert Hall
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  • Although the concept of the LWB is mainly directed at outside broadcasting applications, it is also suitable for fixed installations in concert halls, theaters, etc. Here is an example for installation in a concert hall with an orchestra pit for opera performances.
  • In a fixed installation, since each LWB unit can easily be provided with an AC power feed, it is not necessary to transfer AC power via camera cables. In this example, instead of fiber-optic camera cables, OpticalCon cables are used and a loop of the signal link is made by closing the connection circle. The OpticalCon cable has a smaller diameter than a fiber-optic camera cable and features automatic protection of the fiber end when the connector is disconnected.
  • The four LWB-64s are placed in the orchestra pit rack, at the left and right stage side speaker racks, near the truck dock for OB vans, and the two additional units are installed for the FOH mixing console. One LWB-16M is placed in the dressing room.
  • In addition to audio signals, the LWB system transmits video monitor signals that cover the whole stage and the conductor in the orchestra pit, as well as the intercom signals important for backstage communications during rehearsals and performances, such as between a lighting operator and a stage director.