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LWB-16M/64 Optical Wiring System
Front Connection | Rear Connection

Rear Connection Modules (for LWB-64/ADS-72)

Front connection type audio modules (including intercom modules) can be used on the LWB-16M, LWB-64, and ADS-72. Rear connection types are for LWB-64 and ADS-72.

MIC INCB-79LA4-ch microphone input (1x D-sub 25F)
LINE INCB-79JA8-ch line input (1x D-sub 25F)
AES3 INCB-79MB8-ch AES3 input (1x D-sub 25F)
AES3id INCB-79MA8-ch AES3id input (4x BNC)
LINE OUTCB-79KA8-ch line output (1x D-sub 25F)
AES3 OUTCB-79NB8-ch AES3 output (1x D-sub 25F)
AES3id OUTCB-79NA8-ch AES3id output (4x BNC)
AES3 IN/OUTCB-7BSB4-ch AES3 input/output (1x D-sub 25F)
AES3id IN/OUTCB-7BSA4-ch AES3id input/output (4x BNC)
2-WIRE INTERCOMCB-7BMB2-wire intercom,
single-/dual-channel support (1x D-sub 25F)
2-WIRE INTERCOMCB-79PA2-wire intercom,
single-channel support only (1x D-sub 25F)
4-WIRE INTERCOMCB-7BPA4-wire intercom (1x D-sub 25F)
COMM.CB-7BYACommentary & communication (2x EtherCon®)
MADI IF.CB-7CMAMADI interface [multi mode] (2x OPT/BNC)
MADI IF.CB-7CMBMADI interface [single mode] (2x OPT/BNC)
SW REMOTE/ARCNET*CB-7BLSwitcher control signal/ARCNET signal (2x BNC)
GPICB-7CWGPIO (D-sub 25 + RJ45)
VIDEO UP*CB-7BHAVideo signal (BNC)
VIDEO DOWN*CB-7BJAVideo signal (BNC)

*) For LWB-64. Not useable on ADS-72.

Rear Connection Modules