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LWB-16M/64 Optical Wiring System
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LWB Commentary & Communication System - System Components


The LWB Commentary & Communication system is composed of the following three devices.

  • LWB Unit: If you are using your existing LWB units or newly introducing LwcV2 (remote control software for LWB), you may need to update firmware, etc. to use with them with the commentary system (for detail, contact your local dealer or Otari). Up to sixteen LWB-16M or LWB-64 units can be connected in a system.
    Each LWB unit must have at least one COMM. module. Audio modules and/or intercom modules can be installed in the LWB unit as necessary.
  • COMM. Module: This LWB module has two RJ45 ports for connecting boxes. There is no restriction for the number of the COMM. modules installed in one LWB unit.
  • Boxes: There are three types of box - commentary box, remote box, and audio box. It is impossible to connect different types to one COMM. module. Irrespective of box types, it is impossible to connect multiple boxes having the same box ID number to the same LWB unit.
    • Commentary Box: A cough box (with or without fader) with a MIC line output channel, designed to be used by announcers/commentators (guests). Up to four commentary boxes can be connected to one COMM. module.
    • Remote Box: A command box to be used by directors/producers. This box does not have the MIC line but equips with the monitor speaker, etc. Up to two remote boxes can be connected to one COMM. module.
    • Audio Box: This box is used to add audio I/O channels. There are three models: 4 x microphone inputs + 4 x line outputs, 8 x microphone inputs, 8 x line outputs. Can be placed anywhere within 100 meters from the LWB unit.