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VL-352 Video Cassette Loader
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications

The Otari VL-352 VHS video cassette tape loader has been developed to reduce operation cycle times, and is designed for easy maintenance and adjustment.
Two basic types: Conveyor type for use with optional supply/eject conveyor syatem, and magazine type for stand-alone use.

  • 40-character x 2-line large size LCD can supply ample operating infomation.
  • Maximum 99 channels to store tape length, winding speed, acceleration/deceleration speed, hub diameter, end of reel.
  • Remnant Winding can load the remaining tape on the supply hub into cassettes by using the settings stored in another channel.
  • Air guides are used for coated side of tape to reduce damage to magnetic tape coating. (air guides for base side are optional.)
  • Pinhole detector and tape cleaner mechanism are provided.
  • Cassette supply/eject conveyors are located in front of the loader which facilitates maintenance of the conveyor system and checking of cassettes.
  • Optional Central control system provides production management and max. 254 units of loader control. Since the access time for each loader is 0.01 seconds, the control is virtually real time.