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DX-5 Monaural MO Disc Recorder
This product has been discontinued.
The Otari DX-5 brings the process of recording book readings into the digital field. Based on the technology developed for the professional recorder 'DX-5050', the DX-5 is designed to provide easy operations in the same manner as those of analog tape recorders. The DX-5 uses 3.5 MO disks and 22.05 kHz monaural WAVE format files for storing audio data, so that the recorded materials can be edited and managed on a PC.
  • 3.5" Magneto-Optical (MO) disks are used as the recording media.
  • WAVE format files (22.05 kHz sampling frequency, monaural) are used for audio data storage.
  • Transport control buttons like traditional analog tape recorders.
  • A precise slide control (fader) for recording level control.
  • 7-segment LED display for providing digital display of program numbers, phrase numbers, and program time.
  • LED peak level meter for checking recording level.
  • Both an XLR-type connector and phone jack are provided for microphone input.
  • RCA pin jacks are provided for line input/output.
  • Monitor speaker and headphone jack provided.
  • SCSI interface provided for connecting to a PC.
  • Breaks in a reading (such as for breathing) are automatically detected and the recorded materials are managed as a group of phrases (cue).
  • Additional recording is possible into a single WAVE file.
  • Rehearsal function is provided for re-recording mis-readings.
  • Three playback speeds are possible (normal, x1.5, x2).
  • The DAISY system is supported. Phrase index data for the DAISY system can be generated by button operations.
  • AC adapter is provided as standard.