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DP-205 Slave Recorder
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari DP-205 Slave Recorder has been developed to be used with the DP-303 Master Reproducer.
  • Twin deck, desktop type chassis
  • Up to 10 units can be connected to a master reproducer (1:20)
  • Two speeds selectable from 64x, 80x, 128x, 160x, and 200x
  • High quality ferrite heads
  • Built-in bias oscillator (freq. 12 MHz)
  • Test signal input connector
  • Two bias levels and two EQ settings can be switched from the master reproducer
  • Servo Method
    Supply Reel: Tension servo by electric control of AC torque motor
    Take-up Reel: Constant torque drive by AC torque motor
    Capstan: PLL control
  • Manual Start/Stop and On-line/Off-line button switches
  • Optional full-track monitor head can be easily mounted