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T-1307 LTO Ultrium ServoWriter
Features | Specifications
Main Specifications of T-1307 LTO
TapeTape specified by LTO standard
Pancake Hub: 1/2-inch width NAB standard
Max. Pancake Diameter: 16"
TransportTape Running Speed: max. 15 m/s
Tape Tension: 1 N±5% (at write head)
Tape Guides: Air Bearing Guides
HeadsWrite Head
Verify Head
Erase Head
Electrical Power100/117/200/210/220/240 VAC, single phase 50/60 Hz
Compressed AirPressure: 5.5 to 7.0 kg/cm2
Dimensions and Weight
(Otari standard servowriter)
Dimensions: 1,700 (H) x 1,100 (W) x 700 (W) mm
Weight: approx. 400 kg
LTO license is required to purchase Ultrium servowriters.
Machine construction and tape path parts layout is decided based on customer's requirements.
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.