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VL-322 Video Cassette Loader
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari VL-322 VHS video cassette tape loader automatically loads 1/2"-width magnetic tape into VHS cassettes (V-0: VHS video cassette with only leader tape wound in it) in accordance with conditions pre-set by the operator. Cassette supply, tape cut, splice, wind, and eject are automatically performed. The VL-322 contains two winding stations and can produce two cassettes simultaneously.
The VL-322 is available in two types, according to the cassette supply/ejection methods - VL-322AC (conveyor type) and VL-322AS (magazine type). The VL-322AC uses the optional conveyor system for supplying and ejecting cassettes and the feeding of cassettes is fully automated. The VL-322AS uses the standard V-0 magazine and V-X magazine and the cassettes must be supplied and ejected manually.

Operational Features
  • Two independent winding stations enables parallel production of two cassettes. Different types of cassettes can be produced simultaneously.
  • A maximum of 30 m/s winding speed and 5 m/s2 acceleration rate provides higher productivity at approximately 12 seconds per cassette (T-120) cycle time with two winding stations.
  • Simplified tape path for easy tape setting
  • Splicing tape max. 80 mm in diameter can be used
  • Air guides are used to provide better tape handling to minimize tape dropouts on oxide of the magnetic tape
  • Normally, up to two defective cassettes can be stacked. Ejecting a defective cassette will not interrupt continuous production
  • The remnant winding function enables changing product types when the pancake is depleted to the specified amount
  • The control panel located in front of the machine provides ease of operation
  • A 40-character x 2-line liquid crystal display (LCD) can supply ample operating information and provides detailed product and machine status information
  • Maximum 99 channels to store winding conditions
  • Cassette supply/eject conveyors are located in front of the loader which facilitates maintenance of the conveyor system (VL-322AC)
  • The tape cleaning system is equipped as standard
  • The optional cue tone detection system enables loading of recorded tapes

Maintenance Features
  • Since the main mechanism parts are assembled on sub panel, it can be easily dismounted from the loader to reduce adjustment steps.
  • The take-up motor servo circuit is digitally controlled so that the parameters can be set from the numeric key switches on the control panel.
  • Main circuit boards are attached behind the front cover.
  • Detachable cutter blade holders: provide easy and safe replacement.
  • Vacuum sensors located on the front panel facilitate adjustment and maintenance.
  • Air chamber filter located on the top panel for easy cleaning.