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PD-80 8ch Digital Audio Disk Recorder/Editor
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The SVGA color monitor display must be provided by the customer.

The Otari PD-80 is an 8-channel (magneto-optical) disc recorder suitable for film/video post-production environments, theaters, and TV/radio broadcast studios. All record, playback and editing operations are performed via the dedicated full-function remote control unit CB-164, and are displayed in a track window (or GUIDE, Graphic User Interface for Digital Editing) on an SVGA video monitor connected to the PD-80.

Based on the combination of the drives, the PD-80 series are provided in the following three models:
  • PD-80 = 3.5" MO drive x 1
  • PD-80W = 3.5" MO drive x 2
  • PD-80H = 3.5" MO drive x 1, Hard disk drive x 1

  • Users can perform both assemble recording and insert punch-in/out recording in a simple and intuitive way just as with multitrack tape machines but with greater accuracy and flexibility.
  • Flexible scroll operation in the track and list windows.
  • 16 levels of undo/redo
  • Dedicated remote control unit CB-164. One CB-164 can also control a maximum of eight PD-80s (64 channels).
  • On screen easy system setup.
  • Sampling frequencies: 48 kHz, 47.952 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 44.056 kHz, 32 kHz
  • External sync sources: VIDEO, DIGITAL IN, WORD, FRAME, etc.
  • Automated Punch In/Out
  • Fade in/out at each edit point
  • 100 locate points and 5 direct locate keys. All locate points can be named.
  • 8-channel LED peak meter (16 dots + OVER) with peak hold
  • Event manipulations available: Move, Copy, Cut, Erase, Slip, Delete, Gate, Split, Merge and parameter adjustments (Event In, Event Out, Sync Offset, Fade In, Fade Out, Level).
  • Project manipulations: Copy, Delete, Start Time.
  • Library cue manipulations: Move, Copy, Delete, parameter adjustments.
  • Waveform indication on audio events in the track display.
  • Shuttle, Jog, and ±12.5% pitch control in Record or Play.
  • Offline DSP processing: time compression/expansion, pitch shift and reverse.
  • Two external remote control terminals, GP I/O and serial I/O, are provided as standard.
  • Message Output: At a preset time in a program (or project), a message signal is supplied from the GP I/O.
  • Additional disk drive connected to the SCSI interface can be used as a library.
  • Headphone output terminals on both the main unit and remote control unit.
  • Integrated timecode reader/generator
  • VTR control feature for controlling a VTR transport
  • Chase synchronization without the need for any optional boards.
  • Two programmed playback features for broadcasting, etc.
  • Two quick play (instant playback) features for stages, theatres, etc.
  • 8-Channel digital audio I/O (optional)