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MX-55 Analog Audio Tape Recorder
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications

The Otari MX-55 series tape recorders are compact high-performance 1/4" tape recorder/reproducers utilizing the latest technology in analog tape recording.

  • The MX-55 series are built on die-cast aluminum alloy deck plates and side frames for maximum ruggedness and mechanical stability. All machines in the series will accept any size reel from a 3" EIA reel to an 11.8" DIN hub. Different size reels can be used for supply and take-up.
  • The front panel pitch control utilizes a unique rotary encoder to provide ±20% variable speed range in 0.01% increments. The capstan motor speed can also be controlled by an external source of 9,600 Hz (nominal) square waves for easy interface with a synchronizer or similar controller. The speed range under external control is ±50%.
  • An optional VEM (Voice Edit Mode) PCB assembly allows listening at twice normal play speed without pitch shift for easy editing of lecture and interview work or for transcription.
  • The built-in tape timer displays the current tape position as Hours, Minutes and Seconds, or the tape speed in inches per second, or the tape speed as a percentage of change from the selected play speed. The tape timer incorporates a four point search-to-cue locator with three cue point memories and a zero location memory. The included repeat function allows continuous repeat play between any two selected cue points. One cue point memory can be set to store the location where Play was last entered, for easy return to the beginning of a sequence.
  • All machines in this series feature front panel selection of two operating speeds, with internal switch selection of either High (15 & 7.5 ips) or Low (7.5 & 3.75 ips) speed pair operation.
  • The MX-55 series machines provide switch selection of NAB or IEC equalization; +4 dBu or -10 dBu input and output levels; 185, 250 or 370 nWb/m operating level (MX-55N) or 250, 320, or 510 nWb/m operating level (MX-55D) with front panel indication of operating level and equalization. XL type connectors are provided for inputs and outputs with transformerless active balanced circuitry.