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MX-5050BIII 2ch Analog Audio Tape Recorder
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The MX5050 BIII has long been the standard in 1/4" two-track analog recorders. It features an optimized three-head design and transformerless balanced inputs and outputs to provide superior frequency response, low distortion and high signal-to-noise performance under the most demanding conditions.
Record setup adjustments can be made from the front panel, and a convenient built-in oscillator provides test tones for calibration/maintenance.
The direct drive capstan motor is servo-controlled, and an integral microprocessor governs tape handling, including dynamic braking, motion sensing and transport logic. A built-in mini-autolocator provides three one-touch cue-point memories, search zero, and a repeat function. The tape timer display shows tape time in Hrs/Min/Sec., as well as tape speed in inches per second and percentage of tape speed. Capstan speed can be varied by ±20% in 0.01% steps using the built-in "pitch" control. Timecode editing using a synchronizer is accomplished via the 37-pin Otari standard parallel interface.
The extremely rugged mechanical construction includes a 1/4" deckplate with cast aluminum side panels and steel support members. All circuit boards are designed to swing out or unplug for quick service access.
  • Positive-action transport controls
  • Balanced transformerless XLR I/Os
  • DC capstan, Quartz PLL servo-controlled
  • Built-in mini-autolocator
  • Built-in test oscillator and external oscillator input
  • Variable pitch control (±20%)
  • Front panel record setup adjustments
  • 1/4" deck plate with cast aluminumside panels and steel support members