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MR-30 Professional MiniDisc Recorder
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari MR-30 is a MiniDisc recorder which can record audio signals onto commercially available MDs (MiniDiscs). Up to 74-minute audio in stereo or 148-minute audio in monaural can be recorded onto a single MiniDisc. The MR-30 provides various functions, in order to be used in broadcasting stations, production rooms, etc. The MR-30 was designed to fit in a standard 19-inch rack-mount (3U).
  • Auto Record Start Function: Recording automatically starts when the input signal exceeds the preset level (-36 to -72 dB, 7 steps). This function can be disabled.
  • Auto Track Increment: The track numbers can be automatically increased by detecting the soundless portion of the program material. The threshold level can be selected from -36 to -72 dB in 7 steps.
  • Stereo and Monaural Recording: Recording is possible in stereo (max. 74 minutes) or in monaural (max. 148 minutes).
  • Auto and Manual UTOC Writing: The U-TOC writing method is selectable between Auto and Manual. In Auto mode, U-TOC is automatically written each time recording or editing is performed. In Manual mode, the U-TOC is written by the button operations after an editing operation.
  • Searching with Cue Signals: Up to five cue points can be written on the disc for each track. When the cue signals exist, the search operations can be performed by using the cue signals.
  • Various Editing Functions: In addition to the six basic editing functions (Divide, Erase Track, Erase All Tracks, Combine, Move, Track Name, and Disc Name), A-B Erase, A-B Insert, and Cue Signal Editing are possible.
  • 19-inch Rack Mountable (Height: 3U): The MR-30 is equipped with the rack mount adapter as standard.
  • FL Display and Illuminated Rubber Buttons: Provides detailed information of the current machine status.
  • Select Knob Operation: The MR-30 is equipped with a Select knob for selecting tracks, entering characters, and changing operations modes, etc. Selection is made by turning and pressing the knob.
  • Jog/Shuttle Dial: Perform searches to 1 sound group precision using the JOG dial and easy scans using the SHUTTLE dial.
  • Programmed Playback: Up to 25 tracks can be entered for programmed playback. By setting a program, playback can be performed in the desired sequence.
  • Play Mode and Finish Mode Selectable: Three Play modes (Continuous, Single, A-B) and three Finish modes (Stop, Next, Recue, only in Single Play mode) are possible.
  • Auto Cue: The MR-30 can be set to cue to the audio start point when a track is selected. The level at which sound is first detected can be set between -36 to -72 dB (7 steps).
  • End Monitoring: Instant previewing of the track end section is possible in Standby mode. The duration for End Monitor function can be selected from 5 to 35 seconds in 7 steps.
  • End Of Message (EOM): During playback, the EOM indicator flashes at the end of a track to provide a visual alert indicating that the track will end shortly. The point at which the flashing begins can be selected from 5 to 35 seconds in 7 steps.
  • Pitch Control: Playback pitch can be changed in a range of +9.9 through -9.9%, in 0.1 steps.
  • Instant Start: Playback starts less than 0.01 seconds after the PLAY button is pressed.
  • Hot Start Function: By using the Hot Start function, audio data for up to 20 tracks can be stored in the memory. Upon receiving external commands from the keyboard, parallel remote connector, or serial signal transfer, the sound for the specified track is output immediately. Tracks can be loaded into Hot Start by detecting the auto cue level (-72/-66/-60/-54/-48/-42/-36 dB selectable in Preset mode). By using this function, seamless loop playback is possible.
  • External Control Terminals: Remote control is possible from the serial interface (RS-232C/RS-422A switchable, D-sub 9-pin), or the parallel interface (D-sub 25-pin).
  • Undo Function: The Undo function is available during editing. Up to two editing operations prior to the most recent one can be undone.
  • SCMS: Recording is possible regardless of the copy defeat restriction. Writing of the copy defeat code is selectable.
  • Keyboard Interface: The PS/2 connector is equipped for connecting an IBM-PC compatible keyboard. (US keyboard with 101 or 104 keys recommended). Playback, recording, program input, editing, hot start, and other operations can be easily performed from the keyboard.
  • Optional Sampling Frequency Convertor [PB-51XAS]: By installing the optional Sampling Frequency Converter, digital input and output are possible at 32 and 48 kHz as well as 44.1 kHz. If input occurs at 32 or 48 kHz, it is automatically converted to 44.1 kHz during recording.