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LW-10 Optical Wiring System
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari Lightwinder series is a cable system that replaces analog transmission of audio and control signals with digital transmission using optical fiber cables. The first system of Lightwinder series, the LW-10S Stage Master and LW-10C Console Master are designed for use in concert halls and stages. Soon the Lightwinder series will be joined by models that can handle video signals.
The LW-10S placed near the stage receives up to 48 channels of analog audio signals from microphones and line level signal sources, converts them into a 20-bit digital audio signal, and sends that signal to the LW-10C via an optical fiber cable. The LW-10S has 16 channels of inputs from the Console Master.
The LW-10C placed near the mixing console receives the digital audio signal from the LW-10S via the optical fiber cable and converts it back to 48 channels of analog audio signals. The digital audio signal can be distributed to other digital audio equipment from the optional THRU output. The LW-10C also has 16-channel analog inputs for sending signals back to the stage.

  • Connecting two optical cables between the LW-10S and LW-10C replaces threading of heavy snake cables. This will save time and manpower for setup and dismantling.
  • The LW-10S's high level analog parallel output can be used to split the signals from the stage and to supply them to the monitor console from which the mix is distributed to stage monitor speakers.
  • Very low cable loss--With the Lightwinder system, clear sound can be transmitted over a cable length of about 3 km.
  • Each audio channel input has a high quality microphone head amplifier, phantom power, and mic/line trim. This means that the operator can have microphone head amplifiers just beside the stage to get higher gain at an earlier stage and digital transfer via optical cables immune to external noises.
  • 3-position pad (0, -10, -20 dB) on each channel output allows easy gain reduction for a proper output level range even if a higher input gain is chosen to obtain the best sonic performance in analog-to-digital conversion.
  • Instantaneous input level check via LED: Presence, Warning, and Clipping. A master CLIP indicator is also provided. 12-Segment LED bargraph level meter and headphones for transmission check.
  • Internal test oscillator for setting reference level, transmission checking, etc.
  • To provide high reliability required in a cable system, the Lightwinder system has a sub transmission line and, if the main line should become inoperative, the automatic diagnosis function of the unit will automatically switch the transmission from the main to the sub line. Similarly, the Lightwinder has a dual power supply system.