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FS-96 Digital Format & Sample Rate Converter
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari FS-96 is a device for converting signal formats and sample rates of digital audio signals. A total of five professional digital audio formats (ADAT, AES/EBU, SDIF-2, TDIF-1, OPTION) are supported and 24 channels of digital audio signals can be converted simultaneously to all of the signal formats available on the FS-96, at the desired sample rate.
  • Five Digital Audio Formats: Input signals in any of ADAT, AES/EBU, SDIF-2, TDIF-1, or MADI (option) formats can be output in all of these formats in parallel.
  • 24-Channel Capacity and Signal Routing: The signal routing function allows the connection between input and output channels to be changed freely.
  • 96 kHz/24-bit: The FS-96 can handle 32 kHz to 96 kHz sample rate and 16- to 24-bit quantization. The built-in sample rate converter can convert the sample rate/bit resolution of the incoming signal.
  • Same Format Sample Rate Conversion: Whenever audio is input in a given format, the output for that same format is also available, and it can be sample rate converted to the same output format if needed.
  • High Accuracy Clock Generator: Signals from consumer or semi-professional audio/video equipment can be regenerated as stabler, high-accuracy digital signals.
  • Setup and Routing Memory: Up to ten machine setups and signal routing can be memorized. The combinations of these settings can be preset in dedicated key buttons for easy recall.
  • Signal Synchronization: The output signal's reference clock can be selected from input signal, internal clock, and external word clock.
  • Sample Accuracy Synchronization: The word clock sync output can synchronize multiple FS-96 units at sample accuracy.
  • Bi-directional Conversion between TDIF and AES/EBU: The output signal's reference clock can be selected from input signal, internal clock, and external word clock.
  • Status Data Editing: Status data in digital audio signals can be edited if necessary.
  • Expandability: A rear panel slot for an optional board is provided to support coming digital signal formats. Currently, a MADI interface module is available.
  • LCD Menu Driven Setup Operation: All of the machine setups can be done via the front panel LCD and buttons.
  • 19" Rack Mountable: 19-inch rack mount adapters are included. The unit occupies only a 2U rack space.
  • Universal Voltage Power Supply