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DR-10N 2ch Digital Audio Disk Recorder/Editor
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The 2nd drive is optional.
The Otari DR-10N is a 2-channel digital audio disk recorder for broadcast stations or other professional applications.
  • Basic Functions
    • Audio I/O: analog line input x 2, analog line output x 4 (2 stereo pairs), A ES/EBU digital input x 1, AES/EBU digital output x 2.
    • Recording of analog or digital audio signals as WAVE files (WAV, BWF, BWF-J). With automatic record start feature that monitors input level.
    • Playback of WAVE files recorded on the disk (analog and AES/EBU digital play back signals can be output as 2 stereo pairs or a stereo mix).
  • Number of Playback/Edit Tracks
    • 4-track L/R mix outputs or 2 stereo outputs, with reverse play and vari-speed play (±12.5%) modes.
  • Transport Control
    • Familiar REC, PLAY, STOP, FFWD, and REWIND buttons
    • Timecode chase feature (LTC/VITC)
    • Synchronization to VIDEO, WORD, or AES/EBU digital audio input signal
    • 2-channel bar graph level meter
    • Timecode display or record elapsed time display
    • Menu-driven machine setup
  • Edit Functions (with optional edit remote controller)
    • Simple and intuitive editing operation via sophisticated graphical user interface
      Edits (copy, paste, etc.) are applied to 2 stereo pairs (virtual 4 tracks)
    • Adjustable fade-in, fade-out, and crossfade time
    • Various locator functions and broadcast cue functions
    • Jog/Shuttle playback (1/32x to 2x normal play speed)
    • Multi-level Undo/Redo
    • Time expansion/compression and pitch shift
    • Waveform display with zooming
      GUI Screen
  • Instant Playback Feature (with dedicated remote controller)
    • Instant playback of edited WAVE files from parallel two stereo pairs
    • Two faders with internal start/stop switch
    • Independent line out on/off
    • 24 trigger buttons (assigned to either of two outputs)
    • Pause/stop control
  • Search and download/upload of WAVE files on a network server.
    Recording and editing of additional database data (for details, contact Otari)