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DP-55 Slave Recorder
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari DP-55 is a slave recorder specifically designed for volume production of high quality music recordings. The DP-55 has two horizontally aligned tape decks and up to ten DP-55s can be connected to one master reproducer. Thus, a maximum system constructs a 1 : 20 duplication system.
By combining the DP-55 with the Otari DP-53-64 digital master reproducer, a complete DP-50 duplication system is constructed. The DP-53 provides an audio signal with a broad dynamic range and low noise by reproducing the analog audio signal from the digital data stored in its internal memory at each copy cycle. The 64-times duplicating speed is possible by reproducing the audio signals at x64-speed on the DP-53 and by recording the signals at x64-speed (120 ips) on the DP-55.

  • Two horizontally aligned tape decks and tape paths
  • Connectivity of up to 10 machines to one master
  • Recording at 64-times speed
  • High performance ferrite heads
  • Self-contained bias and record electronics (8 MHz)
  • Tape cleaner mechanism
  • Test signal connectors
  • Self-contained power supply for all electronics and transport control
  • Pack arm for consistent tape winding
  • Two bias selections from master, one EQ
  • Capable of 12.5" pancake
  • DC direct drive capstan motor with PLL servo
  • Supply reel tension servo
  • Local manual start/stop and on/off-line selection
  • Optional full-track monitoring head which simplifies bias monitoring and calibration