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DP-53 Digital Master Reproducer
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari DP-53 is a digital master reproducer for high quality music cassette production systems. Depending on the connected slave recorders, the DP-53 can be selected from three copy rate configurations; 64x, 80x and 128x. (Please specify the copy rate when ordering.)
The DP-53 has been designed to replace a conventional analog master reproducer in an audio compact cassette duplicating system. It can be used with high-speed pancake-type slave recorders (e.g. Otari DP-55, DP-75 or DP-95) or other recorders from other manufacturers. Also, the DP-53 can be connected to the DP-85 (64x only) by using the optional A1233 Equalizer Amplifier.
By storing audio signals as digital data, the DP-53 can provide high quality audio performance and high reliability.
In the DP-53, since the digital audio data is played back from a DRAM memory stack for each copy cycle, there is no degradation of sound quality due to master tape damage caused by repeated tape passes, and no possibility of tape jams in a loop bin.
With the DP-53, CD-DA-format digital audio data and WAVE-format sound files can be utilized as the original master source. By copying the digitized audio signal into the DP-53's solid-state memory, the DP-53 can play back the digital data from the memory 64, 80 or 128 times faster than real time. The data is then converted into an analog signal, fed to the slaves, and recorded onto the blank pancake tape on the slaves.
Provision of the master programs is done by the two CD-ROM drives mounted on the front panel. By using two CDs, both A and B programs can be loaded simultaneously. By storing on master CDs, the master programs can be stored with no quality degradation.
Also, by installing the optional MO disk drive or removable HDD, master programs can be loaded from 3.5" MO disks or removable HDDs. Furthermore, by using the optional input unit, the master programs can be loaded from master DATs. The removable HDDs and master DATs are compatible with those of the DP-103/103A and DP-33.

  • Duplication material can be loaded from audio CDs, CD-R discs, or CD-ROM discs. Both A and B programs can be loaded from two CD-ROM drives simultaneously.
  • CD-DA-format sound data can be used as the original master source.
  • WAVE-format sound files can be used as the original master source.
  • The optional MO disk drive enables loading of the master programs (WAVE-format sound files) directly from the 3.5" MO disks.
  • The optional removable HDD can contain audio data compatible with the DP-103 series and DP-33, or WAVE-format sound files.
  • The optional input unit enables loading of the master programs from master DATs, compatible with the DP-103 series and DP-33.
  • The standard SCSI interface provides connection to the external SCSI devices. The WAVE-format sound files can be loaded directly from the external SCSI devices.
  • Digital data is reproduced from the DRAM memory for enabling high speed analog playback.
  • By adding MEMORY boards (64 MByte per board (= approx. 6.3 min)), the memory capacity can be expanded up to 1 GByte (enough capacity for C-100 tapes). Standard capacity is 640 MByte (C-63 tape).
  • High speed D/A converters to achieve 64x, 80x or 128x analog playback.
  • Digital error detection by data sum check.
  • The duplication can be stopped automatically by counting the number of copy cycles.
  • Slave control functions are compatible with the Otari DP-55, DP-75 and DP-95 slave recorders: Bias selection, EQ selection, option ON/OFF, START, STOP.
  • Independent buffer amplifiers for channels
  • Level adjustment in 1 dB steps.
  • Level indication on the bar graph meters.
  • Low-pass filter for the specified copy speed (64x, 80x, 128x).
  • Cue tone oscillator, adjustable in frequency and output level.
  • Headphone amplifier for monitoring audio data on the memory at the normal play speed.