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DP-33 Digital Master Reproducer
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari DP-33 is a digital master reproducer for high quality music cassette production systems. Depending on the slave recorders, the DP-33 can be selected from three copy speeds; 8x, 16x, and 32x. (Please specify the copy speed when ordering. Note that 8x copy speed is special order.)
The DP-33 has been designed to replace a conventional analog master reproducer in an audio compact cassette duplicating system. It can be used with pancake-type slave recorders (e.g. Otari DP-35 or DP-1010) and in-cassette-type slave recorders (Otari DP-8 series or DP-4050 series), or other recorders from other manufacturers.
By storing audio signals as digital data, the DP-33 can provide high quality audio performance and high reliability. In the DP-33 system, since the digital audio data is played back from a hard disk drive for each copy cycle, there is no degradation of sound quality due to master tape damage caused by repeated tape passes, and no possibility of tape jams in a loop bin.
In addition to analog tapes, DATs (digital audio tapes) and audio CDs (compact discs) can be utilized as the original master source. By copying the digitized audio signal onto the DP-33's hard disk drive ("main HDD"), the DP-33 can play back the digital data from the main HDD 16 or 32 times faster than real time. The data is then converted into an analog signal, fed to the slaves, and recorded onto the blank pancake tape on the slaves.
If an analog tape is to be used as the original master, re-record the audio onto a DAT cassette ("master DAT") and then provide the program to the DP-33 by copying the digital audio data from the master DAT to the main HDD. If the original source is a DAT cassette, it can be utilized as the master DAT only by re-writing the sub codes. If the original source is an audio CD, the digital audio data can be copied directly onto the main HDD at 8 times speed by installing the optional CD-ROM drive into the DP-33. (The track numbers need to be written on the CD correctly.)
In addition to the main HDD, the DP-33 can be equipped with an optional pre-load HDD (removable type or internal type). By using the optional pre-load HDD, the digital audio data can be stored on the pre-load HDD and then copied onto the main HDD when it becomes necessary. As the data transfer speed between the pre-load and main HDDs is approximately 8 times real speed, the programs can be changed easily and quickly by exchanging the pre-load HDDs.

  • Two digital audio interfaces (SPDIF). Digital audio data for sides A and B of the analog cassette can be simultaneously received from two DAT recorders.
  • Two remote control terminals to control DAT recorders
  • High speed D/A converters to achieve 32x analog playback
  • Optional CD-ROM drive for transferring digital audio data from audio CDs, CD-Rs (CD-recordable), and CD-ROMs (using WAV files)
  • Optional pre-load HDD for alternating programs. Duplication programs can be switched easily and quickly. Also, this enables the loading of .WAV-format audio files.
  • Optional SCSI I/F connector for connecting external SCSI devices - HDDs, removable media such as MO disk drives, PC, etc. WAV-format audio files can be loaded onto the main HDD from the external SCSI devices.
  • Slave recorder control functions compatible with the Otari DP-35, DP-1010, DP-8 and DP-4050 slave recorders; bias selection (only for DP-35), START, STOP, REWIND
  • Low-pass filter for the specified copy speed (16x or 32x)
  • Independent buffer amplifiers for channels
  • Level indication on the bar graph meters
  • Level adjustment in 1 dB steps
  • Auto stop function by counting the number of copy cycles
  • Cue tone oscillator, adjustable in frequency and output level
  • Headphone amplifier for monitoring audio data on the main HDD at the normal play speed
  • Standard 19" rack mount chassis