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DP-3 Digital Master Reproducer
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari DP-3 is a digital master reproducer which reproduces two Master CDs at x8 or x16 speed. Since the DP-3 has two CD-ROM drives, the programs for both sides of cassettes can be reproduced simultaneously.
  • Uses compact discs (CD-DA or CD-ROM discs) as the master audio source for superb copy quality. The master programs cannot be accidentally erased.
  • Simultaneous duplication of stereo audio on both tape sides at 8x or 16x speed. C-60 tape is copied in 2 minutes (4 minutes for 8x speed).
  • Menu-driven operation and guide messages on the LCD enable simple operation.
  • Automatic rewind of copy tapes at program end in Auto Copy mode.
  • Connectivity to the Otari DP-8 and DP-4050 series machines.
  • Simultaneous DP-8 or DP-4050 control from the DP-3.
  • LED peak meter display for 4 channels and independent level controls.
  • A-side only mode enables duplication of one side of cassettes.