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DP-103A Digital Master Reproducer
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The DP-103A has been designed to replace a conventional analog master reproducer in an audio compact cassette duplicating system. It can be used with the Otari DP-75 or DP-95 slave recorders, or other recorders from other manufacturers. Also, the DP-103A can be connected to the DP-85 (64x only) by using the optional A1233 Equalizer Amplifier.
By storing audio signals as digital data, the DP-103A can provide high quality audio performance and high reliability. In the DP-103A system, since the digital audio data is played back from a solid state memory (D-RAM) for each copy cycle, there is no degradation of sound quality due to master tape damage by repeated tape passes, and no possibility of tape jams in loop bin.
The duplication procedure of the DP-103A system is as follows: a Master DAT tape is prepared by copying the original master program from sources such as analog/digital tape. Then that program is played back from the master DAT tape and stored on the disk drive in the DP-103A. Note that, if the master program is a compact disc, the audio data can be copied onto the disk drive directly from the CD-ROM drive in the DP-103A. This digital data is played back from the drive and transferred to the solid state memory 16x faster than real time. Then, the data is played back, converted into an analog signal at 64x or 80x play speed (128x optional), fed to the slaves, and recorded onto the blank pancake tape on the slaves.

The DP-103A can be provided in the following 4 models based on memory capacity:
  • DP-103A-C63: No. of MEMORY Boards = 10, RAM Capacity = 640 MB, Recording Time = approx. 63 min.
  • DP-103A-C75: No. of MEMORY Boards = 12, RAM Capacity = 768 MB, Recording Time = approx. 75 min.
  • DP-103A-C88: No. of MEMORY Boards = 14, RAM Capacity = 896 MB, Recording Time = approx. 88 min.
  • DP-103A-C100: No. of MEMORY Boards = 16, RAM Capacity = 1 GB, Recording Time = approx. 100 min.

The DP-103A Digital Master Reproducer is composed of the following units:
  • Input Unit (DP-103A-IU): CB-496
  • Memory Unit (DP-103-MU): CB-485
  • Amplifier Unit (DP-103-AU): A1211
  • Speaker Unit (DP-103-SU): A1210
  • System Rack: K1245
  • 1 or 2 R-DAT players (Optional. Otari DTR-8)

Main Features - DP-103A-IU Input Unit
  • Two digital audio interfaces (SPDIF). Digital audio data for sides A and B of the analog cassette can be simultaneously received from two DAT machines.
  • Removable type hard disk drive. If alternate programs are stored on other disks, duplication programs can be switched easily and quickly.
  • CD-ROM drive. Audio CDs, CD-Rs (consumer and professional), and CD-ROMs (containing WAV files) can be reproduced for storing audio data into the hard disk drive.
  • Since the audio data on the drive is transferred to the solid state memory before duplication, it is possible to load new audio data on the drive from other Master DAT tapes.
  • Two remote control terminals to control DAT machines.
  • The SCSI interface can be used to back up the digital audio data onto the tape storage, etc.

Main Features - DP-103-MU Memory Unit
  • Digital data is played from the DRAM. By adding MEMORY boards (64 MByte (= ca. 6.3 minutes) per board), the memory capacity can be expanded up to 1 GByte (enough capacity for C-100 tapes). Standard capacity is 640 MByte (C-63 tape).
  • High speed D/A converters to achieve 64x, 80x, or 128x (optional) analog playback
  • Digital error detection by data sum check
  • Digital error detection (option) parity bit

Main Features - DP-103-AU Amplifier Unit
  • Low-pass filters interlocked to copy rate
  • Independent buffer amplifiers for channels
  • Level indication on the VU meters
  • Level adjustment in 1 dB steps
  • High frequency boost tone control
  • Cue tone oscillator
  • Slave control functions: bias selection (4 positions), equalizer selection (4 position), Dolby HX Pro* on/off, start/stop (fully compatible with the Otari DP-75 and DP-95 slave recorders)
  • Headphone amplifier for normal speed monitoring

Main Features - DP-103-SU Speaker Unit
  • Standard 19" rack mount chassis
  • Stereo monitor amplifier and monitor speakers
  • Monitor signal is selectable from DAT tape 1, DAT tape 2, and duplication program

Main Features - System Rack
  • Storage for all the components of the DP-103A system
  • Main power switch for entire system
  • Design matching with the DP-75 slave recorders