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CDP-64 CD-R Duplicator
Discontinued Products
Features | Specifications
The Otari CDP-64 is a large-scale CD-R duplicator with a unique Automatic Disc Loading Mechanism and Double Feed Prevention/Detection System to ensure fast and reliable disc handling.
  • High Productivity: The CDP-64 provides simultaneous duplication of 64 discs. 64 CD-R drives are mounted in the chassis as a matrix of 8 columns by 8 lines. Disc supply and master data acquisition are done in a line (8-drive) unit to minimize drive idle time when changing discs. When blank discs have been set in all drives of one line, duplication can be started in that line.
  • 12x CD-R Drives: The 12x CD-R drive can complete duplication of 74-minute discs within about 8 minutes per disk. (Non-Verify mode. Required time varies according to data amount.) Data acquisition from a master disc is done at a maximum of 40x speed and data writing to blank discs is done at a maximum of 12x speed.
  • Fast and Reliable Disc Handling: By making full use of technology acquired through development of various tape production machines, Otari has designed a unique Automatic Disc Loading Mechanism. Combined with a double feed prevention/detection system, it enables fast and reliable disc handling.
  • Spindle-Based Disc Changing: Discs are supplied and ejected as stacks on spindles commonly used (contact Otari for more details about spindle shapes).
  • Closed Chassis Construction: The CDP-64 adopts a closed chassis construction to keep CD-R drives free from dust. The CD-R drive shelf section is shock-floated from the chassis by rubber mount spacers.
  • Easy Operation via LCD Touch Panel: The LCD touch panel located at the center of the front panel provides easy and intuitive operation. After setting a master disc, blank disc spindles and take-up spindles, simply entering the desired number of copies from the touch panel starts duplication.
  • Support for Multiple Formats: The CDP-64 supports various disc formats such as: CD-DA, CD-ROM, Video CD, CD Extra, etc.