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CDP-50 CD-R Duplicator
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari CDP-50 is a CD-R duplicator with an integrated automatic disc loading mechanism, CD-R writer, and dedicated computer. With the automatic duplication software pre-installed, the CDP-50 can duplicate a master disc to a maximum of 50 CD-R discs continuously and automatically, with only the addition of a monitor display (IBM compatible VGA) and keyboard.
  • Computer Integrated Automatic CD-R Duplication System: Putting a computer, an automatic loading mechanism, and a CD-R writer together achieves a low-cost and yet versatile CD-R duplication system.
  • Proprietary Writing Software Installed: Graphical User Interface (GUI) operation allows a beginner to create original CDs and duplicate master discs with ease.
  • Automatic Non-Attended Duplication onto 50 Discs: The automatic disc loading mechanism allows the unattended automatic duplication of a maximum of 50 discs, by merely setting up a master and blank discs. Writing on a 74-minute disc takes approximately 19 minutes in non-verify mode. It takes about 19 minutes to completely fill a single CD-R disc, and the continuous duplication of 50 discs will take 16 hours. Note that it takes less time, if the data is small.
  • 12x Speed Reading and 4x Speed Writing (max.): Reading from the master disc is done at 12x normal speed. Writing to a blank disc is done at 4x (approx. 600 KB/s). The 1 MB of cache memory boosts the speed even more.
  • Built-in SCSI Interface: With its built-in SCSI connector, the CDP-50 can be expanded by connecting external SCSI devices such as MO drives, CD-ROM drives, etc.
  • Multiple Disc Format: The CDP-50 supports various master disc formats such as CD-DA, CD-ROM, Video CD, and CD Extra.