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BTR-10J Series Analog Tape Recorder
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari BTR-10J-S series are professional tape recorders specially designed for broadcasting stations. The BTR-10J-S series are based on the Otari MTR-10 master recorders which are used at many recording studios and broadcasting stations. Besides succeeding the MTR-10 series main functions, the BTR-10J-S series enhance their functions to satisfy the various needs of broadcasting stations.
Series Variations
  • BTR-10J-2S: Stereo Tape Recorder/Reproducer
  • BTR-10J-2SZ: Stereo Tape Recorder/Reproducer (with mono/stereo switching)
  • BTR-10J-FS: Full-track (mono) Tape Recorder/Reproducer

  • Precision aluminum cast deck plate
  • PLL DC servo direct capstan drive
  • Microprocessor controlled transport mode and reel servo
  • Reel size capability: 5", 7" and 10.5"
  • Automatic fast wind end slowdown
  • Separate microprocessor for tape timer and speed display
  • Return-to-zero function
  • Modular type electronics for higher reliability and serviceability
  • Gapless recording
  • SEL-REP (SELective REProduce = playback using record head) for overdubbing and monitor standby features
  • Punch in and punch out
  • ±20% crystal referenced vari-speed control with percentage/ips display
  • Built-in monitor speakers
  • Line output key switch
  • Independent control for line output and monitor output
  • Mono/Stereo switching
  • Selectable output level: +4 dBu or -20 dBu