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B-20 Analog On-Air Mixing Console
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
The Otari B-20 Series is a small size mixing console suitable for various applications in broadcast stations and in audio/video post-production studios.
The B-20 has six types of modules: Mono Input, Stereo Input, Group, Monitor, Program, and Talkback/Oscillator modules. Since each module is designed to occupy only a width of 30 mm, the B-20 is compact and every control is within easy reach. The B-20 is supplied in three standard configurations based on its frame size:
B-20-14-4/4/2: NONO INPUT x 4, STEREO INPUT x 4, GROUP x 2, PROGRAM x 2, TB/OSC x 1, MONITOR x 1
B-20-24-8/8/4: NONO INPUT x 8, STEREO INPUT x 8, GROUP x 4, PROGRAM x 2, TB/OSC x 1, MONITOR x 1
B-20-34-16/10/4: NONO INPUT x 6, STEREO INPUT x 10, GROUP x 4, PROGRAM x 2, TB/OSC x 1, MONITOR x 1

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Three-input mono module (Mic/Line A/Line B)
  • Two-input stereo module (Stereo A/Stereo B)
  • Built-in meter construction
  • Two program buses (for multilingual production)
  • Four group buses
  • Two stereo PGM Send/Return interfaces
  • Two telephone hybrid interfaces
  • Limiter/Compressor on Group and PGM modules
  • Fader start/stop output
  • Phase (correlation) meter
  • Internal monitor speaker
  • Sub power supply unit (optional)