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AL-641/642 Audio Cassette Loader
This product has been discontinued.
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The Otari AL-641/AL-642 audio cassette loader is a machine that winds 0.15 width magnetic tape (recorded or blank) into standard Phillips type cassettes (C-0s) at a high speed.
The AL-641 has one supply reel and the AL-642 has two. The AL-642 can switch between the two supply reels to allow alternative use and it is not necessary to stop the machine to replace pancakes.
  • Two supply reels with original automatic axis switching system. (AL-642)
  • Unique tape loading mechanism. (AL-642)
  • Two-row outfeed station.
  • New splicer. Unique splicing tape feeding mechanism. Splicing tape max. 65 mm in diameter.
  • A 40-character x 2-line liquid crystal display can supply various operating information and provides detailed product and machine status information.
  • Defective cassettes will be ejected to the reject station. Ejecting a defective cassette will not interrupt continuous production.
  • Cue tone monitor speaker. Cue sensing circuitry allows for detection at levels as low as -30 dB.
  • Vacuum sensor located on the front panel facilitate adjustment and maintenance. Air chamber filter located on the top panel for easy cleaning.
  • The control panel located in front of the machine provides ease of operation.