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VDP-132 DVD-R Duplicator
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
Disc CapacitySupply Hopper (with Lifter): 2 spindles (160 DVD-R discs x 2)
Ejected Disc Receiver: 2 spindles (160 DVD-R discs x 2)
Rejected Disc Receiver: 1 spindle (160 DVD-R discs x 1)
DVD-R Drive Layout4 (horiz) by 8 (vert)
Drives are mounted in a drive tray to facilitate mounting/dismounting of the drives in the VDP-132. The tray also facilitates positioning of the drives in the system.
Supported Disc DimensionsOuter diameter: 120 ±0.3 mm
Inner diameter: 15 mm
Chucking area: 5 to 45 mm
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Supported Disc FormatsDVD-ROM, DVD-Video, CD-ROM (MODE1, MODE2), CD-ROM XA, CD-DA, VideoCD, PhotoCD, CD-Extra, Hybrid, Mixed MODE
Recommended DiscsMade by Maxell, MITSUBISHI, RITEK, SONY, Taiyo Yuden, TDK
No. of Simultaneous Recording Programs1
User InterfacePC monitor, keyboard, and mouse are used to setup and operate the machine.
Disc Picking & Disc transferRobotic arm is a two-axis control (X and Z axes) type mechanism. It can pick and place two discs simultaneously. It also unloads two disks simultaneously. Picking is handled by an air suction system. When picking discs, the robot is able to perform a centering function ensuring picking reliability.
Disc Transfer TimeAve. 20 seconds (per two discs from unloading to loading)
This does not include drive tray open and close time.
Productivity192 discs or more per hour (4.7GB DVD-R copy at 8x speed)
OptionsSignal tower
Bottom door and cover
Controls and IndicatorsPOWER ON switch and indicator (green) on the front panel
POWER OFF indicator (white)
RESET switch and indicator (yellow)
NOTE: The EMERGENCY switch and POWER ON switch control only the motor power of the auto loader.
SensorsDrive tray sensor: 8 points, for checking the tray open or close status.
Spindle sensor: For checking that each spindle is in place before it tries to pick media from a spindle or unload media to a spindle.
Spindle base sensor: For checking the correct position.
Disc sensor: For checking that a disc is on the supply spindle.
Robot Arm: Home position sensor (X and Z axes), Limit sensor
(Upper/lower: Z axis, Left/right: X axis)
InterlockWith front door open sensors.
Maintenance softwareSupplied on a CD-R disc and used for testing and checking for the correct auto loader responses and for teaching the system the proper places to pick and unload from and to.
Dimensions (excl. projections)1,400 (W) x 1,850 (H) x 820 (D) mm
Weight (excl. Host PC & Drives)410 kg
Operation ConditionTemperature 20 to 25 degC, Relative Humidity 40 to 60% In-house flat floor
Electrical PowerSingle Phase, 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption (excl. Host PC)Auto Loader: 1.0 kVA
Master Unit: 0.1 kVA
Air SourcePrimary Side Air Supply Pressure = Min. 0.6 MPa (dry air)
Compressed Air Consumption = 50 litres per min. (ANR)
Vacuum SourceInternal ejector system
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.