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DX-5 Monaural MO Disc Recorder
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
Record/Playback Track1 channel (mono)
Sample Rate2,2050 Hz
Quantization16-bit linear PCM
Frequency Response40 Hz to 8 kHz±1 dB
Signal-to-Noise RatioMicrophone Input: 57 dB
Line Input: 69 dB
DistortionLess than 0.1% (0 dB, 1 kHz)
MO Disc3.5-inch, 128, 230, 540, 640 MB. Normal and overwrite MO
MO Disc FormatDOS FAT 16
File FormatWindows standard WAVE file
File DirectoryRoot directory
Max. Program Number512
Max. Cue/Phrase Number4,000 (per program)
Max. Recording Time240 minutes
Cue/Phrase Detection Distance0.3 or 0.2 s
Cue/Phrase Detection Level-30 dB
SCSISCSI MO drive can be used as an external device of a PC. SCSI-ID 0
Analog Audio Input
1 channel (MIC & LINE mix)
Transformerless active balanced input
Input Impedance: min. 10 kΩ
Input Level: -60 dBu
Connector: XLR and φ6.3-mm phone jack
Input Impedance: min. 10 kΩ
Input Level: -10 dBu (-6 dB record)
Connector: RCA
Analog Audio Output
1 channel
Load Impedance: min. 10 kΩ
Reference Level: -10 dBv (-15 dB from digital full-scale)
Connector: RCA
Monitor OutputBulit-in Speaker
Speaker Unit: 8Ω Mono
Power: 1 W
Headphone (Mono)
Load Impedance: min. 8Ω
Power: 20 mW (8Ω load)
Connector: φ6.3-mm phone jack
Power Supply100 VAC (with AC adapter)
Power Consumption41 VA
Weight2.2 kg (incl. AC adapter)
Dimensions (W x D x H)230 x 205 x 63 mm
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.