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CDP-64 CD-R Duplicator
This product has been discontinued.
Features | Specifications
Disc CapacityHopper: <180-disc spindle* x 4
Stacker: <180-disc spindle* x 4
* Capacity varies according to the type of spindle used in the machine. For details, contact Otari.
CD-R Drive Layout8 x 8 CD-R Drive shelf section will be shock floated form the chassis by rubber mount spacers.
Supported Disc Shapeφ12 cm (8 cm and Card size CD-R: Optional. Both discs require adapters. The manufacturer of the CD-R drive does not warranty the quality of write operation for such CD-R discs. Contact Otari for details.)
Supported FormatsCD-DA, CD-ROM (MODE1, MODE2), CD-ROMXA, CD-I, Video CD, Hybrid, Mixed MODE, Photo CD, CD-Extra, HFS
Recommended DiscDepends on writer drive
No. of Simultaneous Recording Programs1
Operation Mode SelectionVia LCD touch panel
Double-Feed PreventionDisc separator mechanism and double-feed detection sensors.
Disc Transfer Timeapprox. 18 s (@ one line ejection/supply operation) per line
CD-R DrivePLEXTOR PX-W5232TA (max. 16x)
Internal Hard Disk DriveNarrow SCSI interface
Productivitymax. approx. 1600 discs per hour (Theoretical value. Excluding differences on drive operation speed, verification time and spindle exchange time.)
OptionsElectrostatic Elimination System
Signal Tower
Central Vacuum System
Adapters for 8-cm or Card Size CD-R Disc
Controls and Indicators7.7" liquid crystal display with touch panel, Power Switch, Emergency Stop Switch
Dimensions2,100 (W) x 1,920 (H) x 1,010 (D) mm
Weight850 kg
Electric Power Requirement100, 117, 220, 240 VAC ±10%, single phase 50/60Hz
Power Consumption2 kVA
Compressed Air RequirementPrimary side pressure min. 0.5 MPa (dry air)
Compressed Air Consumption100 liters per minutes (A.N.R.)
Vacuum SourceInternal ejector (Optional external vacuum system available)
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.