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Otari to Attend NAB2008
Otari, Inc. will attend NAB2008 to be held from April 14 to 17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth No. N3938).
At this show we will feature relay broadcasting equipment with the focus on the multichannel optical wiring system LWB-16M and LWB-64. The LWB series which were shown at NAB2007 have been drastically enriched with various new features and are now ready for promotion in the US market. In particular, the LWB system is now much more suitable for fixed installation applications by providing choices for fiber-optic cables with ST connectors (popular in the US) as well as the SC connector and Neutrik OpticalCon®.
At our booth you will also find the modularized LWB-16 "LWB-16M" and new additional modules such as a 2-wire dual channel intercom module, 4-wire intercom module that can route to 2-wire within the LWB and the SW REMOTE/ARCNET module for controlling signal transmission. The soon-to-be-released optional GUI control/monitor PC application software will be demonstrated for the first time in the US.
In response to the recently growing interest in digitizing past analog audio materials, we will, after a long absence, exhibit the MX-5050BIII reel-to-reel analog tape recorder/player. The MX-5050BIII is one of our long-seller professional audio products and of course you can buy brand-new machines from Otari!
We are looking forward to having you visit our booth.