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Worldwide Shipment of CM-20 Series Exceeds 100
Otari, Inc. proudly announces that the total installed number of its DVD packaging solution “CM-20 Series” exceeded 100 by the end of June, 2006.
In 2003, Otari released the CM-50 Full Automatic DVD Packaging Machine that can process 50 cases per minute. After that, to answer requests from the market, the CM-20 Title Sheet Inserter was designed using the title sheet inserting mechanism of the CM-50.
The CM-20 won instantaneous praise for its ease of operation and low price, and was followed by the CM-20TI Title Sheet Inserter, CM-20CF Case Feeder, and CM-20DI Disc Inserter.

CM-20 Series Disc Packaging System
CM-20 Series Disc Packaging System

The CM-20 series’ compactness and expandable system design provides great satisfaction to customers all over the world.
Otari will soon release the next machine, the CM-20CC Case Closer to provide more powerful support for the DVD packaging industry. For available date, price, or any other information about the CM-20 series, feel free to contact: Otari, Inc. Sales Division.