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CB-184 PC Remote Controller for DR-100 Released
Otari, Inc. released the PC remote control unit CB-184 for the 24/48-channel digital audio disk recorder DR-100.
The CB-184 PC Remote Control Unit is a budget remote controller having the CB-179’s software environment but with some functional limitations. It is basically a Linux notebook PC optimized for the DR-100 control with dedicated application software and it is the minimum system for basic recording.
The CB-184 would be convenient for using the DR-100 in a narrow space like an OB van or small studio.

CB-184 PC Remote Control Unit for DR-100

The CB-184 can assign shortcuts to keys on the QWERTY keyboard to provide smooth operation and access to various functions of the DR-100 such as punch-in/out, play/stop, locating, etc.
For more detailed information, please contact Otari.